To date eight works have been published. They are the first of a series of books that the Foundation intends to issue in order to build up a complete encyclopedia of Saudi contemporary art. These publications are intended to establish and enrich our national artistic library.

Adam Henein

A monograph that embraces Adam Henein's sculpture and paintings, which retrace more than 50 years of creativity. Co-edited by Al Mansouria & Skira for the English and French versions and co-edited by Al-Mansouria & Dar El Shorouk for the Arabic version. This 350 page book is composed of 263 colour and 174 black and white illustrations, with texts by Edouard Al-Kharrat, Michael Gibson and Fatima Ismail, and photographs by Hugues Dubois, Philippe Maillard and Hisham Labib.

Ziad Dalloul

A book published on the occasion of the upcoming Solo Exhibition of Ziad Dalloul at Athr gallery, Jeddah, 12 Sept, 2012.

Images of Saudi Arabia

A catalogue presenting the artwork show in the British Airways Utopia Exhibition, which was held in order to select a work to represent Saudi Arabia on the tailfins of a number of British Airways aircraft.


A 114 page book containing 39 color plates representative of the various artistic periods in Shadia Alem's career from 1985 to 1999.


A 24 page catalog featuring 30 color plates, published on the occasion of the Solo Exhibition of Abdullah Hammas, in Paris, 1999.

Faisal Samra

A 93 page book featuring 30 color plates, published on the occasion of the Solo Exhibition of Faisal Samra, in Jeddah, 2000.

Jinniyat Lar

A book uniting art and poetry, this work is a collection of 12 hand-finished original silk-screened prints by Shadia Alem with original text by Raja Alem. Published in a limited edition of 200 signed copies, 180 which are numbered and available for sale. This work was first presented at the Europ'Art Exhibition in Geneva, in May 2000.

Art for All

A 216 page book featuring 44 color plates, published on the occasion of The Al-Mansouria Foundation's Art for All festival which joined 22 Saudi artists, in Jeddah, March 2001.

Mahdi Al Jeraibi

A 80 page book featuring 48 color plates, published on the occasion of the Solo Exhibition of Mahdi Al-Jeraibi, Paris 2001.

Dia Aziz Dia

A 295 page hard-cover monograph featuring 120 color plates containing more than two-hundred paintings and drawings illustrating the thirty-year career of this prominent Saudi artist, and two studies of his life and work by Said Al-Seraihi and Nabil Naoum.